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Businesses in today’s environment face unique challenges; from changing customer expectations and competitive innovation to employee development and retention, to macroeconomic changes, without the right support, these difficult and complex problems can seem overwhelming.

At JACO Advisory Group, we offer specialized business advisory services to mid-market, closely held, and family-owned businesses. We take the time to really understand our clients’ unique situations and leverage our collective expertise and proven protocols – all of which are designed specifically with our clients’ success in mind. Our team is committed to helping you navigate through whatever challenges come your way, so you can focus on achieving your vision for long-term success.

Where We Add Value


We work with you through periods of stress and distress identifying solutions that yield beneficial outcomes for all the company’s stakeholders.

  • Bankruptcy & Receiverships
  • Wind Downs & Liquidations
  • Forbearance & Loan Restructuring
  • Right Sizing of Operations
  • Capital Sourcing & Financing
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We work with you to realize your vision and to develop and execute strategies that will result in increased enterprise value for your organization.

  • Values/Mission/Vision Development 
  • Business Strategy
  • Capabilities/Geographic Expansion
  • Market Shifts/Stagnation
  • Accountability/Oversight/Coaching
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We work with you to create and implement sales & marketing strategies that achieve exceptional results while reducing risk and complexity.

  • Sales & Marketing Plan Development
  • Market Positioning & Pricing
  • Business Plan Development
  • Diversified Revenue Streams
  • Controlled & Profitable Growth
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Talent Optimization

Employee Engagement, Talent Acquisition, Team Building,
Behavioral Assessment, Communication Styles

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We provide the support, expertise, and insights you need to understand the complex financial matters that your business faces.

  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Acquisitions & Integrations
  • Asset Sale & Divestitures
  • Working Capital & Cash Flow Mgmt
  • Financial Modeling
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We work with you to create a long-term leadership transition plan. A plan that aligns with the values and the strategic vision of your business.

  • C-Suite Interim Management
  • Governance
  • Board of Advisors
  • Investment Portfolio Model
  • Exit Strategies
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We work with you to improve your business performance and encourage a culture that embraces teamwork & continuous improvement.

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Teaching, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Leader at Every Level Methodology
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Our deep understanding of mid-market and family-owned businesses allows us to come along side you, and become an extension of your business, providing you with guidance, expertise and leadership when you need it.

Turnaround Management

The turnaround process can be a daunting and complex task, which is why having an experienced and knowledgeable team on your side is paramount for success. At JACO Advisory Group, we specialize in turnaround management and restructuring services for middle market companies.

Our team has experience creating and executing actionable plans to address the immediate issues causing distress to get your organization back on track. We understand that every business is unique, so we focus on creating tailored solutions that address the specific challenges faced by each company.

Our turnaround advisory services provide stakeholders with peace of mind that their temporarily troubled company will receive the guidance it needs to return to sustained and profitable growth. Picking a trusted, adept turnaround advisor like JACO Advisory Group allows you to rest assured that you're making the best decision possible for your business in these urgent situations.

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Strategic Planning

We take an outside-in approach when partnering with companies on defining business strategies. The first step is to deeply assess the industry; what are the trends, what are competitors’ actions, how are customers’ needs changing, and where is a good place to make a buck? Following the industry analysis, we then help our clients define capability-driven strategies to win within their targeted market segments. Most mid-market businesses must make tough priority choices, so it is critical to be selective and judicious with resources.

Having led mid-market businesses and worked along-side family-owned businesses, we understand resource constraints. To that end, we work with clients to amplify their strengths at high-leverage points to maximize impact and minimize risk.

Whether you are in a mature market segment, an evolving segment, or attacking an adjacency, we can help you evaluate the landscape and craft a winning strategy. This north star can galvanize an organization to win over the long-term.

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Business Development

We look at business development as your opportunity to grow where you can be most impactful. While every company wants to grow, the question often times is how to achieve sustainable differentiation. Mid-sized companies rarely possess all the resources required to launch a meaningful new venture, so it is critical to prioritize and partner. And following the planning, the experience to adapt to unforeseen challenges can make or break a launch.

Our team will collaborate with your organization to identify customer pain points and create offerings to solve these unmet needs. Once this concept is created, we have experience implementing business plans as stand-alones or with partners to win in the market.

Whether your business competes in a commodity category or has points of difference, it can be a platform to generate growth into new market segments. JACO will roll up its sleeves with you to turn Business Development aspirations into reality.

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Our goal is to not only to provide you with solutions tailored to your unique situation, but to help you implement and execute them too.

Financial Advisory

Our specialized financial advisory services are tailored to meet the needs of organizations in any stage of their business life cycle. Our experienced team understands the unique needs of all stakeholders when facing critical financial decisions and can give you the assurance you need to make well-informed decisions.

Our knowledge of mid-market, closely held, and family-owned businesses allows us to advise global OEMs on supplier risk management activities that are designed to create positive outcomes for both the supplier and the customer.

We strive to provide practical solutions with effective value propositions to improve the financial standing and operations of your business. Whether it is improving cashflow, helping struggling businesses overcome their difficulties by negotiating with creditors, or taking a leadership role such as stepping in as an interim CEO, CFO or CRO, our goal is to guide you through these difficult times with clarity and confidence so you can focus on achieving success now and into the future.

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Succession Planning

As your trusted succession advisor, we understand that effective succession planning requires more than a one-time event and a one-size-fits-all solution. Our team of experienced business advisors provide expertise in governance, succession planning, and transition management to help ensure that any changes will be successful for both the organization and its members.

We are here to assist you through every step of the process — from designing and refining your succession plan, to implementing it. Our goal is to ensure that your organization has the right talent in place when needed so no sudden shifts in leadership affect the quality or continuity of operations.

Our personalized services guarantee tailored solutions that best suit your organizational needs while maintaining an eye on long-term sustainability. Let us help you create a plan that will withstand the test of time and support your organization for years to come.

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Operational Performance

As your business grows and changes, we can provide you with the guidance and expertise needed to optimize your operations. Utilizing Lean principles like Kaizen, 5S, demand- based flow, values stream mapping, poka-yoke, and root cause analysis, our strategies strive to remove waste, optimize & standardize processes, reduce cost, while respecting people.

We emphasize process improvement through KPI measurement, PDCA cycles, and other tools designed to engage employees in the continuous improvement mindset. We understand that successful business operations hinge on employees having the right attitudes and work ethic; therefore, we prioritize engagement at an organizational level to promote growth through improvement.

By implementing Lean tools and principles into their day-to-day operations, our clients optimize processes and save time, money, and resources. Lean provides them with a unique opportunity to create value for their customers while increasing profitability without sacrificing quality or service.

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We partner with and become an extension of every business we work with, providing critical support when needed.

Talent Optimization

We believe that people are the last point of differentiation for most businesses, so building a strong company culture that people are excited to be a part of is key to building a growing and sustainable business. Such an approach will not only allow your organization to attract the best talent, but it will also enable you to retain that talent along the way.

Successfully implementing a talent optimization strategy can help your company unlock its hidden human potential. Through an iterative process - like ones used when examining continuous improvement of business systems - companies can effectively monitor their “people data” and make necessary adjustments as needed.

By taking the time to invest in a strong company culture that fosters trust and engagement, businesses can ensure they are well-equipped to attract and retain top talent. Doing so will help them unlock their hidden human potential while also helping create an environment of growth and success.

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