Our Expertise


  • Sales & Marketing Plan Development
  • Market Positioning & Pricing
  • Business Plan Development
  • Diversified Revenue Streams
  • Controlled & Profitable Growth
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  • Values/Mission/Vision Development 
  • Business Strategy
  • Capabilities/Geographic Expansion
  • Market Shifts/Stagnation
  • Accountability/Oversight/Coaching
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  • Bankruptcy & Receiverships
  • Wind Downs & Liquidations
  • Forbearance & Loan Restructuring
  • Right Sizing of Operations
  • Capital Sourcing & Financing
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Talent Optimization

Employee Engagement, Talent Acquisition, Team Building,
Behavioral Assessment, Communication Styles

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  • Continuous Improvement
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Teaching, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Leader at Every Level Methodology
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  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Acquisitions & Integrations
  • Asset Sale & Divestitures
  • Working Capital & Cash Flow Mgmt
  • Financial Modeling
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  • C-Suite Interim Management
  • Governance
  • Board of Advisors
  • Investment Portfolio Model
  • Exit Strategies
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Our deep understanding of mid-market and family-owned businesses allows us to come along side you, and become an extension of your business, providing you with guidance, expertise and leadership when you need it.

Business Development

We have a particular skill set to support companies in the creation and execution of their business development strategy. While every company wants to grow, the question often times is how to accomplish this while minimizing risk and complexity. We will dig in and look at all aspects of your business to ensure its stakeholders (shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, and community) are considered in your planning process.

Our team will assess your businesses core competencies, evaluate market trends, develop financial models, and provide options that allow for controlled, profitable, and sustained growth. After working with you to create your business development strategy, we will help you implement it too.

No matter if you are looking to solidify your existing customer base, expand your product (service) offering, or develop new revenue streams, JACO will partner with you to assemble the critical data points for you to make an informed decision on the best path forward.

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Strategic Planning

We believe that for a strategic plan to be relevant, it must be explicitly communicated, and must be ingrained into the fabric of your business. To achieve this, we follow a defined process (Disciplined, Focused, Intentional) in which we break down the strategy into manageable pieces so that it can be shared and easily understood by everyone in your organization. This allows for clear communication of where the company is going, who is doing what, and why.

Having worked with mid-market and family-owned businesses, we have the requisite understanding of how these enterprises work. This gives us a unique understanding of how to develop and execute a strategic plan that will provide your business with clear direction.

No matter where you are with your business planning, we can plug in, and work with you to develop a strategy that will meet your goals and the long-term vision you have for your company.

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Our goal is to not only to provide you with solutions tailored to your unique situation, but to help you implement and execute them too.

Turnaround Management

The objective of all turnaround and restructuring consulting engagements at JACO is to maximize the value of the business, thereby maximizing the value for all stakeholders. By following and implementing tested protocols, our team can evaluate alternative solutions and identify the recommendations that yield clear and objective outcomes for the organization, employees, lenders, suppliers and communities.

After performing a business assessment and understanding a company’s underlying issues, our team can provide assistance in the tactical implementation of the recommendations – ranging from general advisory and oversight to interim managerial positions within the business.

During implementation we encourage cooperative interaction between all parties in order to communicate how recommendations align with the needs and expectations of each stakeholder group. Our unique approach focuses on recommending strategic and tactical solutions that maximize business value.

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Talent Optimization

Talent optimization is a discipline that links your company’s business strategy, people strategy, and business results. The goal is to build a strong company culture that people want to be a part of, allowing your organization to recruit and retain the best talent, while executing your business strategy, and consistently achieving the desired results.

By successfully implementing a talent optimization strategy you will be unlocking the human potential inside of your organization through the alignment of culture, strategy, and talent. Talent Optimization consists of four primary disciplines: Design, Hire, Inspire, and Diagnose. Following an iterative process, companies are able to improve their “human” systems in a similar way to how they might approach continuous improvement when examining their business systems.

JACO uses these four disciplines to help companies unlock the human potential inside their organization. By establishing a consistent feedback loop to evaluate their “people” metrics, companies will not only see improved employee engagement, but will also see an improvement in organizational efficiency.

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We partner with and become an extension of every business we work with, providing critical support when needed.

Operational Performance

The efficiency of your operations drives cost and productivity. Your employees drive the attitudes and work ethic which are evident in your products quality and reliability. We work with your team to show them opportunities for improvement, while helping them to implement those ideas to build a more efficient operation. Our team will come along side yours as a partner to help teach, coach, and strengthen their continuous improvement activities.

We have worked with all types and sizes of companies; implementing programs such as LEAN, MOST, 5S, Kaizen, PDCA, just to name a few. They are all effective and proven methods for increasing output and increasing efficiency. Our years of experience has taught us that involving the employees who do the work to develop solutions delivers the best results. Their intimate knowledge of the products (parts), processes, and problem areas place them in a prime position to suggest and implement solutions. Our outside perspective allows us to see and communicate clearly in a way that is often difficult for those inside the organization to do.

We take great pride in teaching, and coaching employees to take ownership of their processes. As they catch the vision and gain confidence for how they can improve and support the businesses operations, their excitement and involvement increase. We will equip your team with the tools they need to build and sustain an efficient operation.

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Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory solutions have been JACO's calling card since inception. When it comes to hands-on technical support with complex financial situations, our team excels. Depending on the business’s needs, our staff can come alongside your team in a support role, or on an interim basis as a CFO, Controller, or Chief Restructuring Officer.

Our expertise working with lenders and legal counsel will give you the confidence you need to make decisions during critical times. Core to our philosophy is the desire to honor all stakeholders. Our team members are experts in their craft and will focus on both strategic and tactical solutions that maximize business value.

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Succession Planning

Whether you are looking towards retirement, experiencing unprecedented change, or are considering “what’s next” for your business, there are a lot of factors to consider during times of growth and transition. JACO offers a steady hand as a guide towards big decisions. Using a range of proprietary tools, we’ll help you bolster the infrastructure: people, process, and property needed for success. For us, it is about coming alongside your business to help you reach the goals you have set and the ones on the horizon.

We help you understand your options, role, and enterprise value while offering support throughout the entire process. We guide you through transition of successor leadership, transfer of knowledge and key relationships, and implementation of proper oversight through financial systems and controls.

We will examine the desired outcome of your succession planning, and then work backwards to define the preparation required and structure needed to achieve those outcomes. We work in partnership with your legal, CPA, and wealth advisors to create a robust transition plan before executing the transaction.

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